Industry standard landing domestic reducer enters a new stage

Release Date:2019-08-08

On July 26, Shenzhen Shanzhuo Harmonic Drive Technology Co., Ltd. and precision sensing and actuation Laboratory of University of science and technology of China signed a technology development agreement in Hefei China University of science and technology. Tong Xinghua, chairman of Shenzhen Shanzhuo Harmonic Drive Technology Co., Ltd., Shu Meiling, managing director, Chen Xie, chief engineer of R & D, Professor Feng Zhihua, Associate Professor Pan Qiaosheng, Dr Li Wei, Dr Diao Weidong, doctoral supervisor of Department of precision machinery and precision instruments of University of science and technology of China, attended the signing ceremony.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in harmonic retarder for robot, Shanzhuo harmonic insists on driving its own development with technological innovation. Since the beginning of its establishment, it has always adhered to the road of high-tech leadership, high standard positioning, and high growth and development. It attaches great importance to technological research and development and investment. After more than six years of concentrated research and development and technological accumulation, it has a number of core independent knowledge. Intellectual property and core independent R & D patents. Breaking through the foreign technology monopoly, becoming a black horse in China's harmonic reducer industry! And on July 23 this year, it was selected to participate in the national standard setting enterprise of Cr Certification Rules for harmonic reducers for robots. However, Shanzhuo company is not satisfied with the existing technical achievements. It takes the initiative to connect with the University of science and technology of China and strengthen the technological research and optimization. In the future, the two sides will, in combination with their respective advantages in technology research and development, industry resources, subject talents and other aspects, carry out in-depth project cooperation, promote the combination of advanced technology and practical product application, jointly develop new materials, new technologies and new processes, and help the upgrading and development of China's intelligent equipment industry.

China University of science and technology, as the top university of China's advanced technology research and development, has a strong scientific research force, and has trained many high-end core technical talents for the country. This cooperation has provided technology and talents to support the strategic development of Shanzhuo transmission, broadened multi-level, multi form and multi field cooperation for both sides, and realized the optimal allocation of school enterprise resources. It is of great significance to product upgrading, technological innovation, talent construction and long-term development of enterprises.

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