Experts from national robot inspection and evaluation center visit Shanzhuo harmonic drive company

Release Date:2019-08-08

On August 8, 2019, a group of leading experts, including min Xinhe, chairman of China Automotive Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Cao Yisha, director of the general department, Wang Jiayi, director of the robotics business department, pan Jian'an, testing engineer of the robotics business department, and director of the national robotics testing and Evaluation Center (Guangzhou) and the national automation equipment quality supervision and inspection center, arrived at Shenzhen Shanzhuo Harmonic Drive Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanzhuo harmonic") inspection and guidance, the company's general manager Shu Meiling, technical general manager Chen Weinan, chief engineer Hu Shengping and marketing director Zhang Xueli and other senior management teams warmly welcomed.

The national robot testing and Evaluation Center (Guangzhou) (hereinafter referred to as "the national evaluation center") is a third-party service organization approved and established by the national development and Reform Commission. It is mainly engaged in the detection, certification and calibration of robot products and components, and provides standardization, technical training, consultation, information and other services for the industry. Min Xinhe, chairman of the board of directors, is also an expert of special allowance of the State Council and a professor level senior engineer. He has long guided the detection technology work of robots, intelligent equipment and equipment lubrication state monitoring, presided over and completed 18 provincial and provincial scientific research projects, and won the provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards for two achievements. Min Dong congratulated Shanzhuo harmonic as the only representative of harmonic reducer industry in South China on being selected as the national standard making enterprise of Cr Certification Rules for robot reducer, and hoped that Shanzhuo harmonic could play a leading role in the industry and promote the progress of national standards in the industry with "high requirements and strict standards".

Accompanied by Chen Weinan, general manager of technology, min Dong and his party visited Shanzhuo harmonic's production workshop, testing and experimental center, application scene exhibition hall and other places, comprehensively inspected and verified the advantages and characteristics of Shanzhuo harmonic products, made a detailed understanding of the key performance and technical indicators of the products, and carried out in-depth inspection and detection methods, technology and environment of harmonic reducers. Discuss. Finally, min Dong said that Shanzhuo team can devote seven years to the research and development of key technologies of harmonic reducers, and highly appreciate the existing achievements! And to Shanzhuo entrepreneurial team "do not forget the original mind, remember the mission" of the spirit of ingenuity, patriotism, courage and perseverance to express very touched! It is hoped that Shanzhuo harmonic will participate in the exchange and interaction of the National Assessment Center, integrate the high-quality testing resources of both sides, realize mutual benefit and win-win situation, and strengthen and enlarge the core parts of domestic harmonic reducer. Support the national development strategy with practical actions, and make important contributions to improving the technical level of China's intelligent equipment industry and revitalizing the national industry!

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