Shenzhen Shanzhuo Harmonic Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializing in harmonic reducer research and development, production, sales as one of the innovative high-tech enterprises. The predecessor of the company is engaged in hardware, mold, automation equipment and other industries, and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. The company actively responds to the call of the government's 3 + 1 Industrial Cluster goal, promotes the development of the national intelligent manufacturing industry, introduces foreign tooth design software, cooperates with the Institute of materials technology of Central South University, and combines the use of new materials and new processes. After 7 years of concentrated research and development, it succeeded in 2017. R & D and manufacturing of China's first-class high-precision harmonic reducer. In November 2017, tested by the national robot testing center, all parameters and indicators have reached the national (A-level) standard, with 13 patents and many software copyrights in the field of harmonic drive. The company is also the only enterprise in South China that participated in the formulation of the national standard CR Certification Rules for Retarders for robots. In July 2019, it cooperated with China Science and Technology Research Institute, the highest institution of China advanced technology research. The University of science and technology has set up a technology laboratory to strive to achieve the first-class international level of products.

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