QPawl torque

AAccording to the length of flexible wheels, cup type and hollow type reducers can be divided into standard type and short cylinder type. Reducer with standard length flexible wheel is indicated by capital letter S, and reducer with short drum flexible wheel is indicated by capital letter D. Each type of reducer can be divided into standard torque and high torque according to the bearing torque. The high torque is represented by G, and the standard type is not marked.

QDesign life

AWhen the input speed is 2000 R / min and the output torque is rated torque, the service life of the reducer.

QTransmission error

AIn the working state, when the input shaft rotates in one direction, the difference between the actual rotation angle and the theoretical rotation angle of the output shaft.


AFix the output end and the reducer housing, and apply ± 2% rated torque at the input end to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, resulting in a small angular displacement at the input end of the reducer.

QIdle running

AIn the working state, when the input shaft changes from positive to reverse rotation, the output shaft lags on the angle.

QInstantaneous maximum allowable torque

AIn addition to the normal load torque and the load torque when starting and stopping, there is an unpredictable maximum allowable value of impact torque from the outside.

QMaximum allowable average load

AThe load average value calculated according to the change of input speed and torque shall not exceed the rated value.

QRated torque

AThe continuous load torque of the output terminal when the input speed is 2000r / min.
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